What are the advantages of learning French online with a private tutor?

There are plenty of “teach- yourself” books, exam revision workbooks and French classes you can attend but have you? So here’s why you should look at online French tutoring lessons?

8 Reasons why you should try it:

  1. With my one-to-one personalised online tutorial lesson, you’ll receive great support within your 1-hour lesson. The lessons will be developed to help you achieve your goals, and within a few weeks, you will have made good progress!
  2. Whether you want to improve your conversation skills for your next trip to France, need help for a job interview or learn complex grammatical structures for your French GCSE or A level course, I can help you prepare.
  3. No travel time or travel costs, you learn from the comfort of your home, from work or while travelling. This will cause minimal disruption to your professional and family life.
  4. When you attend a course in college you need to be there at a set time. With your online lesson you can choose the time and frequency to suit you.
  5. You are no longer limited to your local area and can access my experience and qualified teaching from anywhere, anytime.
  6. Using live video software with interactive online whiteboard, the tutor and the student can see each other. We can build great rapport together. You will have access to a vast amount of online resources helping you to achieve your potential.
  7. It is affordable with my pay-as-you-go system, in contrast to a college course, you don’t need to pay for a block of lessons, with me you only pay for the lessons you book.
  8. No agency commission! U.K tutor agencies charge a commission on top of their tutor fees which varies between 20% and 25%.


If you are thinking about learning French online but are still hesitant, you can contact me by emailing me at sophie@frenchtutoring.net or call me on 07914050242. My first online lesson is free!


A bientôt,

Sophie Parisot